Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful days 16 - 21

Day 16 - Chaselyn Today is Chaselyn's third birthday. That's why I was kind of nostalgic in the post yesterday. My little girl is 3. Can you believe it? Three years ago we were a couple, but Chaselyn made us a family. So special! I am so proud of her. She's simply incredible. She speaks in full complete sentences and with purpose. She's a loving sister (sometimes a little too much). She has an awesome memory (this scares me sometimes). She sings the best songs (both real and made up). She is very inquisitive (this too scares me a bit). She is creative. She's amazingly well dressed. She is absolutely the most beautiful, most intelligent, most entertaining little 3 year old.

I love my sweet little girl and I thank God for blessing me with her 3 years ago.
Day 17 - ability to drive
Day 18 - The holidays
Day 19 - food, family, and football
Day 20 - my childhood
Day 21 - rain and cooler weather

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