Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Days 12 - 15

Day 12- I was thankful for being so blessed that we could ask our friends to donate a toy in honor of Chaselyn's birthday instead of having more stuff.

Day 13 - I was thankful for my mother-in-law Debbie. She raised an amazing son. She has supported our relationship since day one. She has been uber-helpful since my diagnosis. And it was her birthday.

Day 14 - I was thankful for the simplicity of balloons bringing so much joy to my children's faces.

Day 15 - Today I am thankful for tiny blessings that start out as a feeling, then a heartbeat, then little flutters, then kicks, then they come into the world in all of God's glory. It is amazing. And I'm honored to be called Mommy by two of the most precious babies in God's creation.

A hint for tomorrow's post: Cake

***Originally the hint for tomorrow was a 3. This resulted in a flurry of texts from 2 very excited and concerned friends wondering if I was pregnant. I assured them that it would be very ill-advised to even think of things of that nature. So if you did see my post in those few minutes before I changed it, and you too were either concerned or excited, I apologize.***

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