Monday, April 27, 2009

Chaselyn's first food

As promised, pictures and video. The first two pics are Chaselyn on her first picnic. She laid on the blanket while mommy & daddy ate some grilled chicken. Notice the accessories. We tried the hat and glasses together, but it was just too much.

Now a pic from Dia del Oso with her friend Carolline.

And finally Chaselyn's first taste of food from a spoon. Daddy was happy to finally get in on some of the feeding action.

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  1. Brandi! You are so sweet to offer to send the nectar of the gods to Memphis! Actually, as soon as I finished that post I got curious and googled it...turns out you can buy it online! So I ordered 2 pounds of regular and 2 pounds of decaf. That should hold me for awhile! Hope all is well with ya'll!