Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring forward, Fall back

Just in case you haven't heard, this weekend is the Spring forward part of daylight savings time. Yep, it's time to give back the extra hour that you slept through last fall. Stanton must be excited about Daylight Saving Time this year. Yesterday, he tried to enact it a little early. I was sleeping peacefully with Chaselyn right beside me (Yes, sometimes when I finish feeding her at 5:30 in the morning I let her sleep beside me in the bed. She's my little cuddle-bug.) when Stanton says "Brandi it's 7:45 we have to get up." That doesn't immediately register, so in my drowsy state I drift back to sleep. Then 8:00 rolls around and I glance at the clock and think "Oh no! I'm giving a test today and my office hours are at 8:30! There's no way I can make it." I quickly threw on some clothes. Then I quickly got Chaselyn up and put her on her changing table and started pulling off her pj's and changing her diaper and putting on new clothes. She seemed a little bewildered since usually I sing "Rise and shine and give God the glory, glory!" as I pick her up out of bed and continue to sing and talk to her while I'm getting her dressed. She was still very sleepy, rubbing her eyes, stretching, and not cooing and gooing like she usually does.

I make a plan with Stanton for him to take Chaselyn to daycare and I'll go directly to school. So I take our sweet baby in the living room and am about to put her in the car seat to get ready to go, when I find Stanton standing in the living room just staring at the wall. Usually, when he's in this position, his focus is a little lower and concentrating on ESPN. But this time was different. He was staring at the clock on the wall. It wasn't 8:22 like it said in the bedroom, it was only 7:22. It seems that when he hit the snooze at 6:30, he also hit the hour button. So there we were, both ready to head out the door, but now with time to spare. Oh what a relief! We got some bonus play time with Chaselyn and made it to school a little before 8:15. And wouldn't you know, I actually had a student come by and ask a couple of questions during my office hours.

Well, that was my interesting story of the day, for yesterday. I meant to blog last night, but Stanton was working on the computer and then I just wanted to have some family time. Thus, you get the delayed copy.

Today I'm thinking I'm only going to be at school for a half day. Then I'm going to work from home and keep laundry going so I can pack tonight. We'll probably head out shortly after I'm done teaching tomorrow morning, unless something comes up in Stanton's world.

I'm so ready to be home, thats home, home, AR home. I miss my family so much and just know they are all going to flip over how much Chaselyn has grown.

Since most of the readers of this blog are family, I'll end by saying "See you all soon!!"


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