Monday, March 9, 2009

Home, home on the Range

Ok, so maybe it’s more of a farm than a range, but nevertheless I am home. We kicked off spring break on Friday around 11:30 with our trip back to AR. We made it to Stanton’s parents’ house by around 6:30 and had some delicious grilled steaks. Saturday was spent at Baum stadium watching Razorback baseball. The game was terrible, but the company and food were fantastic. Sunday Chaselyn and I went back to baseball and Stanton made the trip back to Waco. Somewhere amongst all of that, I lost my voice. It’s still gone, but other than not being able to talk, I feel fine. Today Chaselyn and I caught up on some much needed sleep. Just hanging around the farm on a beautiful day has been great. We of course miss Stanton. He had a busy day of work and is probably finishing up at Life Group about now.

Speaking of my DH, I finally received my Valentine/ dating anniversary present just before we left to come home. He had told me what it was on V-day, but it didn’t come in until Thursday. Anyway, he got me 3 bottles of the Peach Nectar lotion from Bath and Body Works. The scent was discontinued a long time ago. It was the lotion I used throughout high school. I used to love that stuff. When I found out it was being discontinued, I wanted to buy up a supply, but I didn’t really have the funds. It was so sweet. He thought of it all on his own. He’s so good.

Chaselyn and I don’t have much planned for the week, just spending time with the family. We’ll keep you posted.

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