Friday, March 20, 2009

4 Month Check-up

Yesterday was Chaselyn's 4 month check-up with Dr. Dewbre. She is doing great! Very healthy. She's now 16 lbs. 3 oz. and 25 inches long. This puts her close to the 95th percentile for weight. But unlike last time, her height to weight ratio is close to the 50% mark. So now she's considered a big baby overall, rather than just a chunky monkey. Here's a picture at the doctor's office. I was trying to capture the rotundness of her belly.

So sweet! As with all 4 month check-ups she got another round of shots. That's why Stanton is REQUIRED to go. I hate getting shots myself. I can't bear to watch my precious angel get poked and scream. It hurts so bad. She is such a trooper though. She doesn't cry for too long. With her 2 month shots, she was very sleepy the day of and the day after and then got a little cranky and sore for a couple of days. It looks like the same is happening this time.
As I posted on Sunday, she rolled from her back to belly for the first time. Thankfully, she'll now do some tummy time as long as she rolls herself over there on her own. Last night she continued her rolling and after staying on her belly for a minute or so decided to roll back onto her back. She kind of cheated, because her arms were still tucked up underneath her (like in the picture below) from rolling from back to belly. But we'll count it as her first belly to back roll!

It's so exciting to see her new tricks! When she rolled from her belly to back last night, I was near tears. I can't believe she's already starting to move around, entertaining herself with her hands, and babbling loudly. Before too long, she won't need me at all. So, I am focusing on enjoying it while it lasts. And to take in every little moment. It's funny to think that I used to be a bit intimidated at the idea that a life would be solely dependent on Stanton and me for everything they needed. And now, I'm already heartbroken at the idea of relinquishing that power. I guess thats how things go though. And it seems that every mom will tell you that. And believe me, when you get pregnant or have a small baby in tow, EVERYONE will tell you! Even creepy old guys at Wal-Mart.

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  1. Oh that picture is precious! She is so adorable!
    Holly was just picked up and is on her way to you now i suppose. She had tons of fun chasin the Kong with Maddy and Jake. I tell you what, she is not afraid of the bigger dogs, hah. She'd try to grab the Kong from their mouths!
    She looked a little trimmer too. See ya later!