Tuesday, February 2, 2010


It's February, and since we've already passed the first holiday of the month (apparently 6 more weeks of winter), I feel free to look to the next holiday...Valentine's day. It's a weird holiday for me because I love it and hate it.

First, the hate part (that way I can leave on a happy note). Valentine's day is not something I really enjoy celebrating. I would feel a little more normal if I didn't like it because it's a corporate scam to sell more candy, cards, and flowers. But the fact of the matter is, I don't like Valentine's day because 1) I hate people and 2) I'm frugal. So, on #1, I can't stand the thought of trying to go out to some over-crowded restaurant, just to wait for over an hour in the company of the mix of couples either showing way too much PDA and couples just trying to keep the theme of the evening in mind in between conversations of work and kids. And in general, I seem to always be near people who stink. I can't stand smokers and I'm easily overpowered by cologne. Unfortunately, I feel this way about people the other 364 days of the year too. And this has proved to be a hindrance in forming quick friendships and apparently I come off as somewhat rude and judgemental when I meet new people. It's been brought to my attention, and I'm working on it, but I'm nowhere close to being fully rehabilitated in that realm, so for now I choose to avoid the large crowds of strangers when I can. On #2, I have selective frugalness (read: when it comes to baby clothes and accessories I have no will power). There are times when paying top dollar is worth it...flowers and candies on Valentine's day is NOT worth it. If you didn't know, my mom was a florist. I know how these things work. Send your significant other 3 dozen roses today or 1 dozen in 12 days for the same price. It's ridiculous!!! I used to be opposed to flowers all together, any time of year, because they just die. But, I am maturing and I can appreciate the beauty of the little blooms more. They really do liven up a room. And I'm not just picking on flowers, it's all the stuff. I don't need another stuffed bear or an expensive card or heart box with candy. Just buy me twice as much of the candy the day after V-day. (Disclaimer: I'm an old married woman now, and thus the feelings. I treasure the little gifts Stanton gave me while we were dating, but now that we have one bank account it's just not worth it.) On the same hand on what's supposed to be a romantic holiday I don't want the stuff I need like a new pair of fat pants or dish towels. So, between the people and my cheapness, it's just not a holiday for me.

Now, the love part. I like V-day as a kid. The parties, the fun cartoon cards, the candy hearts, the special activities, the crafts and the prizes from my parents. It was great. And I very much look forward to doing special things for our kids on Valentine's day. I hope that I do a good job of letting my kids know how much I love them every day but it's nice to have an excuse to give a little treat every now and then.

So, I guess I fully support Valentine's day as a day to make sure you tell your family and friends how much you love them. But, I fully disapprove of the forced romanticism of it all. Does that make sense?

I should also put in here, that because of our aversion to busy restaurants and such, Stanton and I still have a scheduled date night every February 28th when we celebrate our dating anniversary. That's our special night in February.


  1. Ditto that.

    It's been so fun to see Caroline get excited about it though. I'll never forget the smile on her face or the pride in her voice last year when Christopher gave her her OWN box of chocolates. There were only three of them in there, but she knew it was a big deal! It's so funny to think about - She knows I love chocolate, she knows that Chris offers that as a gift of love to show that he cherishes me. So when he gave it to her she knew that he cherishes her as well. It wasn't about the actual candy...

    I look forward to hearing Cake's Valentine's Day stories!

  2. Yes, I should be working and not blog-reading. Aargh.