Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One and a quarter

Again with the late update post for Chaselyn. I know, I know. Someday she's going to read through this and wonder if I really knew when her birthday was. I'm also realizing that at some point the monthly updates may seem kind of ridiculous. I mean should I really feel the need to write a 3 year and 5 month update? But where will it stop? Maybe at 2 I'll start updating every quarter year or something. But I want to be purposeful about it so that it doesn't seem like I just started forgetting.

Enough already, here's the important info. Yes, today Chaselyn is actually 15 months and one week. I had intentionally been delaying this post until after her 15 month check-up, but apparently that's not going to happen for another week, so I guess I'll just break it down now. Chaselyn is such a busy bee these days. She's running all over the place, wanting to explore, and finding amusement in the silliest of places. Her favorite toys over the past couple of weeks have been a cardboard box and her snow hat and matching mittens. The cardboard box is generally used as a hat which covers her face. She likes to walk around until she runs into something (Note: this is done with careful supervision) and then she laughs and goes somewhere else. It's also the perfect accessory for a good game of "Where's Chaselyn?". The hat and gloves I believe are an extension of her affinity for shoes and other accessories. She started playing with the hat when she realized that her baby had a hat. I, being such a wise Mommy, figured that she probably would like a hat to fit her head a little better than getting frustrated with the tiny baby doll hat. Little did I know how adorable this little girl would be!!!
Notice the perfectly sized hat with the super large mittens. She's still got plenty of room for those developing brains. :)

This month, we celebrated Valentine's day. Chaselyn got some cool heart shaped sunglasses and a little Valentine's monkey.
We also took Chaselyn to her first Baylor basketball game. She was in awe of all the activity. And she seemed to have more fun than she had at previous basketball games. I think that's partially because of maturity, but more so because the game was nicely scheduled between lunch and afternoon nap time. The Razorback game we went to over Christmas was at night and past her bedtime. She loved shaking her little tush to the music and was also very interested in the game. She very much likes any activity where there's lots of clapping and cheering. She was also intrigued by all the big kids around her and everything they were doing.
Besides that, we've mainly just been chilling out around the house. She loves to play outside, but it's actually been kind of chilly, so we only get out for the occasional walk. She loves the wagon she got for Christmas.
During inside playtime, she entertains herself very well. She loves to "read" books all by herself, even if they are upside down most of the time. She can now tell you what a cow, monkey, lion, duck and sheep says. Her favorite is roaring like a lion. She's been known to make that noise without any prompting at all. She can also make a good motor sound for pushing around her tractor. Another favorite noise is the kind of blubbing noise you make when you hum and then "pick" your lips with your finger. I don't think that makes much sense, I'll have to try to get a video. And she likes to turn in circles to make herself dizzy. Currently her record is 4 full turns. Her usual is only 2.5 turns though.

If she lets Mommy and Daddy play too, she likes to look at books, sing songs (we're currently working on the Hokey Pokey), and play "Where's Tummy". She'll tickle her own tummy or tickle and raspberry Mommy and Daddy's tummies. She also enjoys playing with my protruding belly button. I of course oblige her and laugh like the Pilsbury dough boy.

At an impromptu visit to the doctor yesterday (sore throat caused by a viral infection, no ear infection) she weighed 26.6 pounds. AND, she was weighed on a step up scale like a big girl. Not in the seat like she always had been. She's getting tall too. She still loves Ravioli (even as a hat), but hot dogs are moving up in the rankings. I think her favorite veggie is carrots. And she'll eat pretty much any fruit you put in front of her. But don't put apple pieces in front of her, because they cause her to drool and soak her clothes and anything else water absorbent nearby.
Another huge upgrade and step to maturity was made this month when we officially made the switch to a forward facing car seat. I think she really likes it, but she looks way too big! And what am I supposed to do when I glance over the backseat and see this?
***Note this photo was taken at a red light where we are regularly stopped for several minutes every morning. I did not take a picture of the backseat kid while flying down the highway****


  1. These pictures are too cute! I can't believe how big she's getting. I LOVE the hat & her heart shaped sun glasses :) She makes me smile and is so precious! Hope to see yall soon.

  2. I was showing DJ a picture of Riley and Ryan in the snow and he was shocked that Ryan was walking. I then had to bring him here to show him how big Miss Chaselyn has grown. He was shocked and agrees that she is absolutely beautiful!!