Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No Snow

We've been in Waco since June of 2006. That's almost 4 years. And in that time to my knowledge, it has snowed 2 times here. Once during the Easter break of 2007 and over Christmas break 2009. Both times we were in Arkansas. Fortunately, I was able to get in some good snow time in Arkansas both times as well. I am very appreciative of the white Christmas it was beautiful and only caused some minor inconveniences for travel. But, since we got back to Waco, it seems like my family back in Arkansas is getting snow every other week. And we're not getting any down here.

Take this week for example. Monday my mother-in-law was out of school in Fort Smith, and Heath and Rachel got out at the U of A at noon, and I'm pretty sure Josh was eventually let out in Bentonville (they're always getting snow days). And as I read about all the beautiful snow to be seen and snowmen to be made and snow ice cream to be eaten and sledding adventures to be had, I was sitting here, in Waco. Only to realize after stewing in my jealousy that not only was I not getting a snow day but I would also have to walk in the rain to get my lunch. What a smack in the face. And I have been whining about it for 3 days now. And I'm not over it.

I want to go for a walk in a winter wonderland with my husband, my beautiful baby girl in her little red coat in her wagon, our cute little pup dragging along behind (she doesn't like water, I can't imagine she would bound through the snow like a normal dog), and me with my fat little belly poking out from under the layers of clothes and coats. I want to build a little snow replica of our adorable little family. I want to make snow angels. I want to make snow ice cream. I want to cozy up next to a fire after our outside time, get all warmed up and do it all over again.

And it just occurred to me in the past couple of days that this wouldn't be something that would happen for us. Chaselyn will not have the same snow day kind of memories that I had growing up as long as we're down here. And it made me genuinely sad. I'm sure we'll get the occassional fluke snow. But she won't really know the ups and downs of not being able to sleep over the excitement of possibly getting out of school because of snow. Waking up early to check the tv for closings. Watching the crawler across the bottom of the screen waiting and hoping to see the magic words that her school is closed. She won't get to experience all the fun that happens on snow days. There's not even any stinkin' hills around our house to sled down if there was snow.

So, how do I cope. I had been doing so good. I can be happy for family and friends for one snow day, maybe two a year. But it's starting to really bug me this year. It's too much. And my dad posted these pictures on Facebook.

How simply wonderful are these?! My parents, empty-nesters after 33 years of chasing kids around, built a fantastic snowman all by themselves. And they took a picture of their wonderful creation. And yes, you read right, my dad posted it on Facebook. Basically all three of these give me a little insight to a side of my parents that I don't get to see that often. And the house, isn't it just a picture perfect little country home. And I know that inside this beautiful house there's a big fire using real wood and all the stuff to make some good hot chocolate. And it warms my heart just to see these pictures.

I'm sure that the excess snow is probably starting to bug the people up in Arkansas. But, this blog isn't about them, it's about poor pitiful me and the snow that me and my children will not see. Are there any displaced snow lovers out there who can help me adjust. Usually for any particular part of Arkansas that I miss, I can always find a comparable plus to Waco that I wouldn't have in Arkansas, so I can manage. But when it comes to weather I don't want to give up snow for more hot days. It's not a compromise I'm willing to accept. So, please, help me!


  1. I've always hated the lack of snow in Waco. The first time I saw those beautiful flakes with my own two eyes I was a freshman in college. Now I live east of Dallas. That basically means that we listen to the reports of the coming snow, we get ready to hunker down and get snowed in, and nothing happens. Basically, the snow (or sleet or rain or whatever) hits downtown Dallas and is evaporated by the heat of the concrete and car exhaust. And we get nothing. Ft. Worth gets 4 inches, we get squat.
    I feel ya, some days I want to move to Indiana. Most days I don't.

  2. I wish ya'll were up here to experience the snow we had, too. Right now we're in the yucky part of the snow, when everything starts to melt. The hills to class are unclimbable mudslides, the frozen stairways make walking hazardous, and the leftover snow is gross brownish/white piles of mush. I loved the snow and all its winter glory while it was here, but it's not leaving nearly as gracefully/beautifully as it came. It makes me sad to have a reason not to like the snow.