Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How ya' feeling?

For those of you who don't know, when you're pregnant, everyone becomes concerned about how you're feeling. Sometimes the extra attention is nice and you wait for someone to ask so you can tell them the joy of feeling the little baby swirling around in your tummy. Sometimes you're a little bothered to explain to the 20th person that day that you're doing fine, at least as fine as a pregnant lady can be expected to be. And sometimes you're a little creeped out by the total stranger touching your belly and asking all kinds of personal questions.

So, without any further ado, here's how I'm feeling...

1) Tired. Yes, this is the biggest issue I've had to deal with for both pregnancies. While I am very thankful that this is the worst thing I have to deal with, it is something I have to deal with. And this time around it's a little different. With Chaselyn, I could take a nap after work from about 5-6 any day I wanted to. Also, on weekends I could sleep in to my little hearts desire. That doesn't happen too much this time around. Stanton is a trooper and gets up with Chaselyn on Saturday's when he's not totally exhausted. But, some weekends, I have to take my turn.

2) Full yet hungry. This time more than last time, I'm having to budget in smaller meals throughout the day. I feel full much more quickly than before, and yet I'm still hungry. How does that happen?

3) Sugary. I cannot control myself around sweets. I gobble them up. I am a notorious salty snacker. I know not to buy potato chips because I end up eating the whole bag in a day. But now, I find myself eating whole bags of candy. We bought a dozen cupcakes to announce the gender of our baby to our life group. Only 3 of the cupcakes were eaten. I ate the other 9 between Wednesday night and Saturday night. And no, that wasn't my only sweet indulgence for those days. Now that I've recognized I have a problem, I'm trying to manage it much better.

4) Big. Jacob seems to be holding true to the old wives tale that says boys carry lower than girls. I'm having to move into the fat pants much earlier than I did with Chaselyn. It didn't help that I went to get measured for a dress last week and my 5 month pregnant self is a size 8 in the bust, a size 12 in the waist, and a size 14 in the hips. I'm not too surprised by the ratio of sizes (Although generally, my waist is the smallest of the measurements), but I've never been this big. Well, never this big and had to see the actual numbers to go with it at least. I can't complain about the waist, I mean hello, that's where the baby is. But I'm not very comfortable with the enlarged chest. Above all, I can't stand the idea of my already large hips growing even larger. I guess I can be happy that I have good child-bearing hips. But, I've got another 4 months to go. Maybe if I get a better hold of #3, I can slow the expansion. :) Oh yeah, did I mention that the bridesmaid dress is for my brother's wedding?! I'm super excited about the joining of two lives (especially the two that are being joined), but being in a wedding 2 weeks after my due date is a little scary in the dress department.

5) Blessed. Obviously, we're super excited about our new addition. But I'm also extremely happy that I haven't had to deal with some of the typical pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and swelling. (I'm also a little sad I don't get serious cravings. I haven't made Stanton make a single midnight run to go pick up something tasty.)

In general I'm feeling good. Not too different from usual. I can say that I feel a little different this time than I did with Chaselyn, but I can't figure out how to explain it, it's just different. Maybe it's the little male hormones inside of me. Maybe it's that I have a better understanding this time around as to what it all means. Who knows?


  1. I bet you're cute!! Do you have any pictures? I'm so glad everything is going well!! :)

  2. Congratulations! I'm just now finding out about your little man!!