Monday, January 18, 2010

14 months

Chaselyn is over 14 months old now, and what does she like to do? Well of course Mommy has already trained her to help out with the laundry. Another wonderful benefit of the front load washer and dryer. Not only does she enjoy helping load and unload, but she also likes to just watch. It's very cute. (Note: This blog post has been delayed for 2 days waiting and retrying to upload the video. I've decided to carry on with the post and catch you up with the video later.)

Some other new favorite activities include watching the local weather station. She grooves to the smooth relaxing music and really appreciates the graphics and bright colors. She is still expressing her love of music all the time. She likes to dance and is amazed by singers too.

She's also learned to spin around in circles. She can usually only make it around two and a half times before falling down, but she laughs the whole time.

Chaselyn is far more expressive than she was just a month ago. On the way home from Christmas, she was making totally different noises and gestures than she made on the way too Arkansas. And she definitely grew too. She's so much more mature looking and acting.

This past month she has exposed her true girly side (scary for me to think about). At Christmas, she loved the few clothes that she got. She loves playing with her clothes too (doing the laundry is a special treat). She has also expressed an affinity for Mommy's sparkly shoes and purses. She loved to pick out clothes while Christmas shopping too. We could take her to a rack and she would push items out of the way until she found something she liked. Well, at least that's what she appeared to be doing.

But no worries, she's got brains to go with that beauty. She's made big progress in figuring out some shape sorter toys. And she loves to play with her farm. We're still working on animal noises and parts of the face. Her favorite songs are "If you're happy and you know it" and "The Itsy Bitsy Spider".

Unfortunately, she spent the last few days of her 13th month sick at home with a stomach virus. But with some help from Ducky she made a full recovery and was back to tip top shape to welcome in month 14.

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