Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chaselyn's First Halloween

Chaselyn and I got in some good shopping time this morning/afternoon while Stanton went to the Baylor vs. Nebraska game. We ended up spending 4 hours in town and only bought much for getting a jump start on the Christmas shopping. By the time Stanton got home, Chaselyn was well in to her afternoon nap. So we waited and then took a trip to a little pumpkin patch at a local church. And we caught all this cuteness...

Then we upgraded the costume in preparation for the Razorback game.

The first Trick or Treat-er was an experience. I got up and went for the candy, and Stanton went for Holly. Chaselyn wobbled up to the door to see what was going on. She tried to follow the cute little boy as he walked away and as I shut the door, she began crying and waving bye-bye. It nearly broke my heart. The next couple kids came and went with similar results. On about the fourth doorbell ring, I picked Chaselyn up and Stanton got the candy. Only a little whimper as the door closed. The next one just got a puckered face, and then for the rest of the night she was fine.
So, now we know, costumes of vampires and goblins, not scary. The little monsters walking away without Chaselyn saying goodbye - terrifying.

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