Monday, October 26, 2009

11month update continued

I realized I left out A LOT of stuff from Chaselyn's 11 month report. I know you can't imagine such an atrocity, but apparently there's this disease called "mom brain" in which mothers lose half their brains when a child is born. Some details were left out unintentionally, but others were just taken for granted. So, here we go.

Stanton's Aunt Shannon and Uncle David along with cousins Kelsey and Eric came for a short visit. It was Chaselyn's first time meeting that part of the family. We went to the Baylor game and cooked out back home. We had a great time.

Chaselyn also experienced her first live Razorback football game! It was a very momentous occassion. I've only selected a few pics here, look on FB for a more complete package of pics.

Leaving for the game, a great family photo.

Chaselyn was concerned about the Hoggies for a while.

But once she was sure they had it under control, she was able to relax.
After she slept for the last part of the first half, through half-time and partially through the 3rd quarter, with yelling, hog calling, jumping, and loud band music, I whispered to her that she was missing the game and she woke up ready to finish it out. And good thing that she did, the Hogs had a terrible 3rd quarter, but she helped them get back in line.

We got to sit with the niblings and Aunt Heather and Uncle Josh for the last part of the game. Matthew got a glove from one of the Razorback players after the game, thus the ginormous hand. Madison shared her pom-poms with Chaselyn too. Very sweet. Post game we went to visit with Uncle Heath, Aunt Rachel, Kimberly, Jim, Kyle and the rest of the family. Good times, but unfortunately no photos. When we got back to Stanton's parent's house, Chaselyn was ready to go some more. She loved riding this little Tigger rocker...
and taking a stroll around the house in her stroller.
On Sunday, we packed up and went to Papa's farm to take the farm pictures. Then we loaded up with Granny and headed back to Waco. Granny took care of Chaselyn Monday-Thursday while we worked and Papa was in Colorado hunting. She left Friday morning on Chaselyn's 11 month birthday. We were all mostly spoiled by the end of the week.
Chaselyn also got some fish. She loves them. She goes over to the tank and just looks at them. Sometimes she talks to them, sometimes she tries to hit them, but she is just fascinated. We (meaning me) decided to name them "Ooh", "Aah", and "Coconut" after the monkeys on playhouse Disney.
Chaselyn weighed a whopping 23.8 lbs a week after her 11 month birthday. She also likes to do a little dance she bends her legs and sometimes swings her right arm side to side. She loves to clap. She'll clap for just about anything. This is one of the few tricks she does most of the time on command. The dancing and clapping have made a very sweet and funny addition to our Sunday morning worship time. She bounces and claps and sometimes sings along.

She still likes to play with remote controls, and is not at all fooled by the toy one we got for her. Her remote makes fun noises and stuff and seems to be an enjoyable toy, but she absolutely does not think it of the equivalent of the ones we have.

She likes to try to repeat faces and noises that we make. She makes a smacking sound and for a while she would actually clack her tongue. She seems very interested in her tongue and figuring out how it works inside and outside her mouth. And she likes to shake her head in a no motion, but she doesn't yet know that it means no. It's just funny for now. But you can ask her all sorts of questions and she'll answer with a head shake no, so that has been fun. She's starting to exhibit some signs of stranger anxiety but mainly only when there's a bunch of people around that she doesn't quite recognize. She waves bye-bye, but usually after people are out the door.

Chaselyn is just a super fun bundle of joy! And I am thankful for every little moment that I get to see one of those magical little smiles. The hugs she gives her Daddy and me after a long day at work just melt away the stresses of the day. I can't imagine a more happy little girl. She is truly amazing!

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