Sunday, May 16, 2010

18 months and counting

Has it really been 6 months since we threw Chaselyn her 1st birthday party? On the one hand, it seems like just a month ago we were getting things organized for the party in Waco and the party back in Arkansas. On the other hand, it seems like forever ago when Chaselyn was just 10 months and we found out our second child was on the way. But in any event, the calendar doesn't lie. And today is in fact my precious little girl's half birthday.

I can't believe how much she has grown up in just the last month. She is just a sponge learning new things everyday. Her vocabulary is expanding every day. This weekend we taught her "knee" and "be-bow" (you may know it as an elbow and sounds a lot like Chaselyn's form of hippo as well). And she picked it up quickly. She's also been working on her hog call. She can still "Woooooo" just like before, but she's added some arm flinging and "yack yack!" which we know to interpret as "pig soiee!" On the upside, she does the hog call any time she sees a Razorback. On the down side, she also did it when she saw Stanton's Baylor shirt and she still does it for any red football team. We'll work on it and get it straightened out by football season. She's constantly expanding her animal noises. She's recently added elephant, snake and giraffe noises to her repertoire (in case you aren't aware, giraffes make kind of a noise where you stick your tongue in and out, at least that's all Stanton and I could come up with). She has also learned to use "No" and "Yeah" (accompanied by an excited head nod) to indicate her wishes. She doesn't execute 100% effectively, but we're sure she can understand and respond when she wants to. Oh, and I can't not mention her "nana" obsession. Anything that remotely resembles one of these yellow curved fruits starts a session of pointing an yelling "nana". Do you know how many Curious George books we have in our house? Do you know how many other monkey books we have? Do you know how many picture books have bananas in them? It can be a little overwhelming sometimes.
Aside from vocab, her social skills are blooming as well. We immediately noticed a jump in socialization once she settled in to the Toddlers class at day care and it seems that our little girl responds well to change. She has just responded so great to being a big sister (Mom is tearing up now). She has her moments of jealousy and trying to get attention, but she really just seems to want to help and be involved. She gets upset when I'm changing Jacob's diaper or if I'm holding him, but if I give her a job to do for me, she stops whining/crying and does what she needs to do to help. It's amazing. She likes to love on Jacob. We're still trying to teach her to be careful and gentle. It's hard for a little girl though. She's also showed great maturity in warming up to other people more quickly I think. She did great when we left her with Laura when we went to the hospital, she even went out to lunch after church, which can sometimes be a problem when we try to take her. She still runs to her Daddy and Mommy if we're around, but she seems to be adapting better to staying with others. She did not however like the hospital room. She had us quite concerned about her response to Jacob being born, but once we were all back home on her own turf, she got back to being the Chaselyn we love and adore.

A couple comparison shot for sizes of my two babies.Other fun things include her insistence on praying at meal time followed by shouting "MAN" which we know to interpret as "Amen". Her cute little tushy wiggles while dancing. The way she runs with her arms tucked up by her side and sways her bottom from side to side. She is still very much a girly-girl and loves shoes, purses, and "BOWS!"

Can I hold Jacob please?
Yay, my little brother!!
Aren't we adorable?!


We don't know anything else to say except that you are the most amazing little girl! You still fill us with awe and wonder on a daily basis. Seeing your ability to learn new things and to problem solve makes us so proud. And you are becoming such the little communicator. We can't always understand what you are saying, but keep trying, you'll train us before too long. We want you to know that you are so very special to us and we still hang on your every word and relish in all of your new tricks. And although we were worried about how you would react to having a little brother, you've shown us that you already understand that having a little brother is not a burden, it's a new way of life and you welcome it with open arms. Chaselyn, you are just an inspiration to us and we're sure you will be a great example for your little brother. We love you more than you'll ever know.

Mommy and Daddy
(or as you call us, "Momma" and "Dah")

And now, the money shot...get ready for heart melting cuteness...

p.s. I'll update tomorrow with Chaselyn's 18 month stats and Jacob's 2 week stats after their doctor's appointment.

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  1. I made it through the whole post without crying until that last photo! Thanks for the warning! (And tell Chaselyn she has two bows on the way with many many more to come! Those things are addicting to make!)