Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This post is not about our wonderful house...

So, my calendar says today is July 1st. A very fine day, the beginning of the second half of the year, getting close to a long 4th of July weekend, and 1st are usually quite refreshing and a good time to make a change. And here I sit in our apartment livingroom scowling at this stupid date. We were ready to start afresh in July, we were ready to embark on a new adventure. We were ready to be homeowners. And until yesterday, we thought that's what we would be. But I guess it's not in the cads for us just yet. So here's what was supposed to happen:

June 30
10:00 - Get water hooked up in our name.
11:00 - Do final walk through with realtor.
11:30 - Get some lunch on our way to sign papers.
12:00 - Sign the papers on our end and take possession of our new home!!!!
1:30 - Swing by the apartment to pick up Chaselyn, Holly, and a box of special items for each room in the house. Bask in the glow of the humongous step we had just taken towards becoming grown ups, because as Stanton said, he's seen lots of kids have babies and buy new cars, he hasn't seen that many kids who have bought houses.
2:00ish - Stanton go back to work, go get the first load of boxes loaded up from the apartment and bring Stanton's mom too with a load.
2:30-??? - Keep taking truck loads of boxes and possibly empty some.
12:00 - Have Stanton's mom let my parents and sister in at the apartment to sleep, while Stanton, Chaselyn, Holly and I spent the first night in our new home.

July 1
6:30am - Start a full on move effort, SUV's & trailers full of shelves, boxes, decorations, etc.
6:30pm - Continue the moving effort with help from friends that are now off work and able to help move large items
10:00 - Have an evening with all visiting family in our new home

July 2
6:30 - Get an early start on projects for my dad, doggie door, water filter, dimmer switches, trimming trees, while the rest of us continue the moving effort.
3:00 (afternoon) - Send my family off with many thanks and hugs for helping with everything.
3:30 - Keep on moving.

July 4
5:00 - invite friends over for dinner and celebration for helping us get into our new home.

Sounds fantastic doesn't it! Unfortunately, this is how things have gone:

June 30
10:00 - Get water hooked up in our name.
11:00 - Do final walk through with realtor. Although, the owner was still there with movers, so it wasn't really in the state it should have been in for a FINAL walkthrough.
11:15 - Get told that there are some issues with the papers and that we won't be able to sign until possibly tomorrow, but hopefully by 4 today.
11:30 - Have lunch on the Realtor, because he feels bad. Stanton goes back to work. I go back to the apartment feeling very defeated.
The rest of the afternoon - "You may not close until Monday because of the holiday", "Papers are being sent, they are promised to be at the title company by 12:00, you can sign tomorrow at 2:00." Calls made to my family telling them the situation, should they come? should they wait? what's going on?
5:00 - Call my dad and say we've been promised to sign the next day at 2:00, we can be in the house by 3:00.
11:20 - Mom, dad, and Rachel arrive. Chaselyn gets woken up, and they play for an hour or so before everyone crashes.

July 1
6:30 - Chaselyn's awake, so Stanton and I are awake. Not too much to do until we get ready to sign the papers.
7:30 - Stanton goes to work for a while
8:30 - Stanton and Dad go to Home Depot to get some supplies for the jobs around the house.
11:30 - Start checking to make sure everything is progressing as promised. It's not.
12:30 - Probably not going to sign today.
1:00 - Get ready to go to Dr. Pepper Museum.
1:26 - about 4 blocks from the apartment get a call saying we're signing at 2:30-2:45.
1:45 - Call to confirm that we will be allowed possession when we sign - confirmed. Let's start loading.
1:48 - Not so fast! Not signing until 3:30 and can't take possession until 11:00 tomorrow.
1:50 - No time to go to museum, just waiting to sign. We're all sitting around staring at each other. Start watching "Prince Caspian" to pass the time.
2:30 - Start writing this blog
2:58 - Still under the impression that we will be signing in about half an hour, but won't take possession until tomorrow morning. Not going to even make plans as to what the rest of the day holds, my heart can't take any more.

And that's where we are now. And it's killing me.

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