Wednesday, July 15, 2009

For my old man...

So, today Stanton turns 28. I’m pretty sure that officially crosses the barrier into the late 20’s category, no longer mid-20’s. Not that age really means anything to my wonderful husband. As we recently discussed, I’m pretty sure he was a small adult when he was a child. Only through his college years did he really start to take on real childlike tendencies. For example, since I have known him (granted it has been a long time, but we were 15 when we met, so that’s kind of in the maturing stage) he has developed an even bigger affinity for pirates, monkeys, and dinosaurs. I also think that he probably makes more silly faces and does more crazy dances than he did when he was little. But now, he’s 28, he’s a Daddy, he’s a homeowner, and he has a real job. His childlike world is colliding with adult responsibilities. He’s living a double life. He loves his job. He loves providing for his family. He really likes to play the business game. But, every once in a while he just has to play some Nintendo games to bring himself back from getting too far into the adult world.

I love the man he has become. I love that during the day he’s focused on his work, trying to make a product that will help so many people. And I love that when we come home he just wants to hold Chaselyn for a while and just love on her. I love that he still finds the energy to wash the dishes and help in other ways around the house. I love that he enjoys playing video games with me and reconnecting to his childlike spirit. I love that he is always looking to the Lord for direction. I love that we can talk and have profound conversations one minute and be talking trash while playing Wii tennis the next.

I am thankful for the many birthdays I have already celebrated with this great man. And I look forward to celebrating many more and continuing the saga between man and child.

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