Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So it's been almost 2 weeks since my last post. And as you can probably tell, I wasn't very happy with the whole situation. But, we did end up going and signing at around 4 o'clock on July 1st. As we were signing the papers, and the interest rate on the loan wasn't what we thought it was going to be I really just wanted to punch something. Then as we were conversing with our not so experienced loan person, I realized that I had let the incompetencies of someone I didn't really even know essentially ruin the excitement and fun of the big step we were taking. From that point on, I reevaluated and just realized how amazing this all was. We were signing papers to buy a house. Something I've been looking forward to for sooooooo long! And it was finally happening!!!

Because the seller had already moved and was in poor health, we had to wait until Thursday, July 2nd to get the keys. But we got them and the great move started.

My parents, Rachel, and Stanton's mom were there to help. We loaded up the back of 3 SUV's and the trailer borrowed from the church and went to see our new home. It was so exciting!

And opening the door, I knew that this was our home. Not just another building that we would live in for some indeterminant amount of time. We could do whatever we wanted and could make it our own. Everyone took a quick look around and checked out all the little extras and then we started unloading boxes and furniture. Mostly in the first load things had specific places and so the stuff was put in the place it belonged. After we unloaded, Stanton and I had to go sign one more paper and pick up lunch the parents all went back to the apartment and Rachel stayed with Chaselyn at the house.

We took another load. Then Stanton and Dad went off to Lowe's while mom and I started to try to put some stuff away. Rachel was super helpful with Chaselyn (I would later realize that I should have had her stay). And Debbie worked endlessly on getting the apartment cleaned up. Stanton and my Dad came back with a super nice grill :) We have longed to have food with grill marks on it. It's something that we will definitely use many, many times (we've already used it 3 times). It was a super nice house warming present! And I'm so glad they came to help. Unfortunately, they had to leave around 5:00 to head back home. Apparently grocery stores are busy on holiday weekends, so my dad had to get back to his store.

And not too much later, reinforcements came. The Coxs, the Ellises, and the Warrens came to pitch in. The men went to the apartment to grab the big stuff - bed, couch, tv, etc. The women mainly just chatted, but it was nice. Pizza was provided by our realtor and there was plenty. I'm sad to say that we didn't take pictures of all the lovely people helping us.

We moved so much in one day. It was amazing. We had everything we needed and were able to spend the first night in our new home. Although I knew it was our home, it felt like some kind of weird hotel where you have to bring everything. But it was good.

Friday came and for some reason Stanton thought he would go to work that day. He did have to go do a few things in the morning, but his brain wasn't functioning very well, so he came home for lunch and stayed. Stanton and his mom continued to work on the apartment getting stuff out and cleaning. I stayed at home with Chaselyn since the daycare was closed. I wasn't able to do much, and Stanton and Debbie came back so exhausted every time, I felt so bad. They were doing great though. This continued over the weekend. Saturday we celebrated the 4th of July by keeping Chaselyn up past her bedtime, glow necklaces, and lighting a lone sparkler. Chaselyn was too tired to be real excited, but she was entranced at least. We also started to break in the new grill. And we got our tv hooked up with antenna so we could watch fireworks on tv.

Monday we all returned back to work. Debbie was still working on cleaning the apartment and waiting for the delivery of the Greer's house warming present - an awesome front loading washer and dryer. I can't even begin to explain the upgrade in quality from what we had. I was most impressed when stains in Chaselyn's clothes came out with absolutely no pretreatment. I used to have to soak them in Oxy-clean and scrub, but no longer. Just throw them in and ta-da they're clean. Monday night we started priming the apartment. Chaselyn wasn't doing so great with this, so I took her home and again Stanton and Debbie continued to work.

Tuesday we went to work and took a break in the evening and just stayed home. We put up a few things around the house and played. It was great! Debbie left Wednesday morning after leaving the apartment in tip top condition. Stanton and I tried to do little projects around the new house at night, but took it easy mostly.

The Cox's came over for a cook-out on Saturday the 11th. It's always so nice to see them. And everytime we get together, I always think "We should do that more often" and yet we still only manage to do it every few months. We also were able to host our Life Group last night! We had space for everyone including the kids! It was super exciting. Being able to share our home was one of the big reasons that we wanted to have a home. And now we can and it just makes everything so great!

So this was more of a journal type entry for me. I just needed to take a few minutes and record everything before I forgot it all. Click here for a picture tour of our home. I'm sure the post was boring to you, but hey, I'll make it worth your while, take a look at this...

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