Thursday, July 16, 2009

8 months already

Sweet baby girl is already 8 months old! I can hardly believe it. So much has gone on, it doesn't feel like she was born yesterday, but it can't have already been 8 months. Chaselyn is learning new skills every day.

She can now pull up on anything and everything. And as of Tuesday, she can also lower herself down and crawl to a new place to pull up. Crawling is a relative, she still does the army crawl. She's real good at it though and can make it pretty much anywhere and quickly. I'll be surprised if she really develops the official crawling before she walks. She has 3 teeth and a hole for a fourth. The bottom two are well developed, the top left one just broke through on Monday, and the top right is on the way. We just weighed her tonight and she's a full 20 pounds! We didn't get a chance to measure her before bed time, but you can get a good idea based on some of the pics with my leg below.

She loves to flip around on Daddy's belly. She sits up on his belly and leans back. Stanton picks up her legs and flips her over. She laughs and laughs! It's precious! She also likes to play with Holly. The sweet dog is so patient. As long as a big person is petting her, Holly stays calm and relaxed. Chaselyn loves all the space in the new house. There's so much room for her to move around. We have all of her toys (when cleaned up) in a little shelf with doors. She pulls stuff off the shelf then opens the doors, sits down, stands up, and repeats it all. She also loves to pull out movies and game cases. She just gives them a taste and pulls some more out.

She generally likes her crib. And is getting better at sleeping. She actually did better when she was 6 months at the sleeping. Now she sleeps from about 8-12, wakes up for some food, then goes back to sleep until about 4. Then another meal and back to sleep until she wakes up at 6:30. Then she can be coaxed to go back to sleep or is up for the day. She's also getting better at comforting herself and being put back to sleep with a some back patting.

At daycare, she eats cereal for breakfast and some veggies for lunch. She usually has three 5 oz. bottles at school too. Dinner time is usually around 6. She gets a jar of food. Sometimes meat, sometimes veggies. We usually offer a side of cereal with dinner too. Then it's a mommy milk meal along with a bedtime story before she goes down.

I can't believe how much you have changed our lives. And although you are only 8 months old, it's hard to imagine life before you were here. You definitely know how to make us feel loved as well. You give sweet hugs and occasionally some sloppy, slobbery, wonderful kisses. I'll admit that sometimes it would be nice to get a full nights rest or to eat a meal uninterrupted, but I wouldn't change anything. Just as I was warned before you came into the world that you would grow up too quickly, I've also been told to cherish this time when you can't live without me. Someday, you'll be all grown up and won't want to be held by your mom and loved on. So I'll eat it up while I can. I thank God for the blessing that you are in so many peoples lives. Your little precious smile has brought smiles to so many around you. You are just a wonderful and beautiful baby. I get compliments all the time on how pretty you are and how you are such a happy baby. And of course I whole-heartedly agree. I look forward to seeing all your new tricks as you continue to grow. And I thank you for being the sweet angel that you are! I love you very much!

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