Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Driving Me Crazy

So, this past weekend we went to AR for my sister's high school graduation and Kyle and Meagan's Wedding. It was fun but along the way I once again learned what a nerd I am.
Allow me to explain...Stanton has contracted hand, foot, and mouth disease. It's pretty common in children, not in adults. The general idea is that he got sores on his hands, feet, and in his mouth. The hands and feet weren't a problem, but the mouth sores have left him unable to talk at all since last Wednesday. How does that translate to my nerdiness? Well, when your stuck driving 6.5 hours with no one to talk to, you are only left with yourself. How do I entertain myself? By calculating how long it will take me to get to certain places. By watching mile markers go by and making sure I'm on pace to meet my next goal. I'll admit, I was more than a little excited when we hit the AR state line at exactly 10:45 and the odometer on our truck rolled over to 8000. I had been waiting for it to happen for about 86 miles, cruising at a smooth 76 mph.
The bottom line is, I love math. Numbers are always the same. They operate under basic laws that can't be manipulated. They're so logical and straightforward. There is always an answer, even if that answer is DNE.
Some other things I learned along my trip of silence:
* The famed "Bob's Junk" in Savannah, OK has upgraded to "Bob's Good Junk"
* There's a road in Atoka, OK called Chicken Fight Rd.
* I can understand series of grunts much better than I thought I could.
* I still love to drive.
* Charging my Ipod before the trip would have been a real good idea.
* I've been in TX for too long...I get a little smile any time I see an AR license plate in TX or a Razorback emblem on a car. When we were in Ft. Smith over the weekend I kept thinking "I wonder if those Arkansans are from where I'm from?" and then realized "They probably are since we're driving around where I'm from."
* No matter how much road construction there is going on in OK, the roads will always suck.
* I'm still not sure what the Burritos - Pies place in Atoka, OK sells.
* I always feel that I should have a Carrie Underwood song on the radio when I drive through Checotah...Maybe people will feel the same way about the new AI and Conway.
* My sister graduated high school. I'm getting old.
* I have picked on OK a lot, but that's probably because I stick to major highways in TX and don't have to drive through small towns.
I think thats all. I do love a good drive though. I have always liked to drive. I think I owe that to my dad who would load the family up to just go for a drive. I didn't always understand what we were doing. But now I realize that it can be very refreshing to see whats out on the road (especially when you get to choose the path).

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  1. Oh math buddy, how I love you. I do the exact same thing when I drive (or when I run). I love that kind of stuff and it does pass the time. It also can make you a bit crazy or is that just me?

    Michael and I always laugh at Bob's junk (ahem, Bob's good junk). From what I can tell, there is nothing good about it.

    One time I cracked up because I saw Savanna High School and thought it said Banana High School. I think I was pretty tired but I couldn't stop laughing at the fact that someone might have graduated from "Banana High School." Michael? Did not find it nearly as funny.

    Your daughter is gorgeous. Tell Stanton to feel better. :)