Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A super family celebration weekend

What is there to celebrate?

1) Mother's day - This of course was a super special Mother's day (MD) for me. My first real Mother's day. And for those of you who are ramping up to baby mode, you never know a parent's love until you are one. SERIOUSLY. When I was pregnant, and even before, I had all these people telling me what an awesome, powerful feeling it is to be a parent. And since I'm not all that emotional and touchy, feely, I politely nodded in agreement and moved on. But it's so true. It's a different feeling than anything else you ever feel. Now that I'm part of the mommy crowd, I wanted to share MD with the important moms in my life. And I got to. I spent MD with my mom, Stanton's mom, my dad's mom, my sister-in-law, and some of my aunts. It was great. These amazing women have raised wonderful children (I mean Stanton and I turned out great) and I look to them for wisdom and guidance as I learn the ropes. But on Mother's day it was nice to just be with them. For those of you who don't know, quality time is my primary love language, so to just be is time well spent.

2) Rachel's 18th birthday - Yep, that's right, my baby sister is now 18. I can't believe it. I actually remember when she was born. And I don't remember things very well. I remember countless hours of babysitting and playing. She was like my real life babydoll. Until I hit about 13 or 14 then I despised her, because I had to care for her. But, she probably had even more to do with the mom that I am today. I had a little prep with her. She is so different from me, and we don't talk much, but we have a bond that is very special. And as she gets older, the bond gets stronger because we get more and more on the same page. I mean there's a big difference between 9 and 18, but 18 and 27 is a smaller gap, and as time goes on the gap will get smaller and smaller.

3) Graduations - My big brother Heath graduated with his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering this weekend. He's worked so hard and done so well in school for so long, and now it's finally finished. I'm so proud for him. He was such a role model for me. He's the one who set the bar for me academically and he's the one who used to have to put up with me when we were growing up. He's a great guy, a fantastic uncle, and the brother that Stanton never had. And yes, I said graduationS. Jim graduated this weekend too. He may have taken the road less travelled by, but he's finally off one road and on to another. What a great accomplishment!

I could write full blogs for each one of these. And hopefully I will, but I first wanted to make sure I at least had down a few words to commemorate the weekend.

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