Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Addendum: We're the ones who...

... attempt to take two kids out to dinner at Chili's to commemorate our dating anniversary, but unfortunately have to pack up the food and go after about 20 minutes of Baby 1 whining for her burger and spilling a full cup of milk and Baby 2 throwing a fit that couldn't even be calmed by his favorite snack.

Jacob was running a 99.1 degree fever by the time we got back home and it was past Chaselyn's bedtime by the time we got her set up with her burger at home. But after we got the kids to sleep, we had a lovely candlelit dinner that we didn't have to cook.

What a difference 14 years can make. =)

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  1. "aw man"
    "love it"
    hope jacob feels better soon!