Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Whatcha thinkin?

1) Everyone should go outside and take some pictures of their kids in the natural sunlight at about 6:00pm. It makes your pictures look amazing. I would give some examples, but Stanton has the camera at work.

2) I love my husband for the way he works so hard to provide for our family. When I married him, I thought I had avoided marrying my father. But their work ethic couldn't be more alike.

3) Babies are amazing. And I know that no matter how hard I try I can't soak up enough of their littleness.

4) My body is weird. Most pregnancy books and such say that your body will be all out of whack for about 6 months after giving birth, but everything is business as usual around here. Which means I can't rely on the breastfeeding to take off the baby weight. I've got about 20 lbs. to lose.

5) It seems that everything is in line for me to teach 2 classes on T/Th this fall. And a big blessing was that child care worked out so that Chaselyn could stay at the same day care part time. I'm super excited about the prospects of working and still staying at home with the kids a lot as well.

6) Apparently the "Jersey Shore" people are set to get $30,000 per episode. That seems like a lot of dough for reality people. I have never seen the show, but I am honestly intrigued at this point.

7) Last night I told Stanton that Facebook told me that our anniversary is on Monday. He said it told him too. Neither of us realized that it was Monday. It's not that we forgot our anniversary, we just hadn't checked in to what day it falls on. We are going out this Friday to the Mayborn Lego exhibit (Thanks MA!) and next Friday we're going to see Beauty and the Beast in Fayetteville with Heath, Kimberly and Rachel. I'm excited!

8) I feel bad about not getting out birth announcements until after Jacob was over 2 months old. As I put the things in the mail, I thought I should have sent a wallet size update photo too.

9) I really like the bathroom redo. It makes me want to do more around the house. Next on the docket is Chaselyn's big girl room. We figure she'll make the switch somewhere around her 2nd birthday or the new year. I've been planning it since January I think.

10) I recently purchased a carpet cleaner. I love the machine. It has a special attachment for pet stains. It made our carpet look way better. I recommend it to anyone with children and/or pets who have accidents and/or messy husbands.


  1. ooo carpet cleaner, what brand??

  2. Bissel Pet Pro or something like that. Feel free to borrow if you'd like.

    Is this what motherhood does? Makes you excited about carpet cleaners?