Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Call me Al

Well, don't call me Al, call her Al.

This is my good friend Alycia (pronounced A-lish-a, not A-leash-a or A-lease-ia). She's been my friend since the good days of Chaffin Junior high and GATE OM. We shared a love of women's college basketball and got to experience the formation of the WNBA together. She hosted me for a weekend in college so I could see what it was really like to be at the U of A. We were in each other's weddings. We haven't always been able to have a real close relationship, but it's always been a relationship we can rely on. And over the past few months, our email marathons (Shhhhhh, don't tell our bosses.) have helped us overcome the distance from Ft. Smith to Waco. Well, this past week, we got to catch up on a lot of distance when Al came to stay with me and the kids while Stanton was out of town.

She cooked for us, helped straighten up, played with the kiddos, made me get some much needed exercise and even painted the kids bathroom (it deserves it's own post). She painted the walls a nice green and painted some cute little animals. It's so special. I just got the finishing touches to finish off the room today. It makes me so happy just to walk in. She was so great with the kids too. Just look at the email she wrote them after she left. So nice!

Chaselyn and Jacob,
Thank you for letting me come to visit you. I had a lot of fun playing with you two. You are both such sweet and loving kiddos, and it doesn't hurt that you are so darn cute! I had a great time being a surrogate aunt to you and I find myself already missing you. Chaselyn, I miss you being so concerned about my owie toe and randomly coming up to me to say, "Hi!" Jacob, I miss your cute squeaks and "sleeping" you and talking with you. I hope that you two enjoy your bathroom jungle for many years to come. Mommy and Daddy will teach you all the animals' names. Have a great weekend and Daddy will be home before you know it! miss you lots, your pal Al(ycia)

Leave it to Al to spend her vacation time to come help me out. It was great having her here. It made the time without Stanton fly by. I felt bad for not really having anything super fun to do while she was here. We did some sparklers and glow necklaces for the 4th of July. But that was about the extent our fun plans on my end. But Al didn't mind. She was good just relaxing, talking with Jacob, playing with Chaselyn and painting.
Alycia is a great friend and I'm so happy to know that I can still call on her any time even though she's about 400 miles away. And as if her visit wasn't enough to write about, today is Alycia's birthday! So happy birthday to my pal Al!!!! And thanks a ton for coming to visit!!!


  1. This made me smile--that's awesome you guys have stayed so close! Those fish above the shower definitely made me think of OM: "Welcome one, welcome all! We're going to travel the world, y'all!" (I could go on but I'm too embarrassed to admit how much I remember.)

  2. "We'll be travelling (?) sky to sea. You'll be seeing a lot of me." I remember quite a bit of your lines from that year too. Al was on the dragon/princess OM team our 8th grade year. Remember the big book, especially the sunset?

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