Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sweet 16

Stanton here. Brandi wanted me to be the guest blogger this month, but I'm a bit late. Chaselyn's trips to the park have been quite telling as to how big she really is. She is totally fearless, but still shows good discretion in getting down from high steps. She goes down all the slides and explores all by herself, but will still let me help her if she needs. The swings make her giggle uncontrollably, so of course we push her until she's sick of it.

Other big girl activities she has started include expanded dressup, feeding Baby her bottle and mastering Wii Ski.
Her new class at daycare is not a favorite for any of us. She is trying to switch from two naps to one, so a lot of nights she is cranky and goes to bed pretty early. She cries a lot even before we put her down at school and is a little too excite when we pick her up. She seemed to really enjoy her first two rooms, but not this one. I've been told that she asks for the bed for a second nap, but they can't let her have it everyday. It seems to me that if a little baby wants to take a nap and will sleep through whatever is going on in the room then LET HER TAKE A NAP. Of course, it's actually probably a lot of trouble for a child lie there quietly and not get into anything.

Now that Chaselyn faces forward in her seat, I have been riding the the front with Brandi in the car. On the way to Arkansas for the Peek weekend, she read one book for 45 minutes. That seems like a long time for a baby. That weekend was a lot of fun as it always is. Ed commented that we may give the Walatons a run with the goodnight sequence. My parents house slept 19 people on Saturday night, so that's 342 "goodnights".

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