Monday, September 21, 2009

T minus 2 months - updated

Yeah, so I'm a little late. But to be fair, I told you I would be and hopefully my pictures were enough to hold you over for the full report. So Chaselyn is over 10 months old now and has recently added a few notables to her precious moments/ achievements list.

First the run down. She still weighs about 21 pounds and eats her weight in food on a daily basis. Well, at least it seems that way. She has completely shunned baby food. I can still get her to take some baby fruits, but it's usually not worth the mess since she just wants to grab the spoon. She eats the school meals now. They are sometimes modified for the little munchkins, but it's really big girl food. Will eat almost anything, but definitely has a hierarchy of favorite foods. She will pick out her favorite from the food offered to her, and then go to the next food. If there is any kind of fruit available it's going first, followed by pasta, then meats, then veggies. Holly loves that Chaselyn is feeding herself. She's a good clean up dog. Chaselyn sleeps pretty regularly from 7:30-5. She's had some ear infection issues, so I'm hoping once those are all cleared up, she'll go back to the 7:30 - 7.

Now for the good stuff. People, my baby can stand!!! Two weeks ago, it was for a couple seconds if she was distracted by tv or something. Now it's more like 5 seconds when she wants to. She's also taken her first steps. I think if she could control herself, she would be gone. But she gets so excited about the possibility of walking, her little chubby legs can't keep up with her cute belly taking the lead. She falls and laughs and laughs. It's too precious! She's becoming much more deliberate about her playtime as well. She can focus in on one toy and really study it and play with it and figure out how she can get the most fun out of it. Of course after she's done exploring a toy, she still tends to default to gnawing on the nearest remote or wiimote.

She did get to move up to the Babies II class. She made a trip home to Arkansas over Labor day weekend and attended her 3rd wedding. Her second cousin Christina was a beautiful bride. The ceremony was precious, Chaselyn mainly ate cheerios through it to stay quiet. The reception was pretty great too. I wish I had pictures, but all the pictures are on my dad's camera back in AR. She also took her first open tub bath while in AR. And she added her first football game this past weekend, but technically that's part of next months recap, but I couldn't wait to post the picture at the top. It will probably make an appearance next month too.

So to sum it all up, 21 lbs., first steps, and a happy baby! What more could a mommy want?!

Oh, I forgot to mention a couple of adorable things our sweet baby does. She loves to be pushed around on her little Pooh Bear Airplane. It wears Mommy and Daddy out, but the smiles and laughter are well worth it. Also, when we play the music on her See & Say ( you know... pull the handle, "The cow says MOO!") she does a little dance. If she's sitting, she kind of bounces her upper body. If she's standing, she'll bend her legs a little. We've yet to catch her doing it on video, but it's precious.


  1. LOVE IT!!!! :)

    I can't believe she's 21 lbs and Jonas is 22 lbs. The DR said it's just his body type. I'm trying to fatten him up!

  2. Yeah, Chaselyn's was starting into being below average for the height to weight ratio, meaning she was getting a little chunky, at her 9 month check-up. But, she's stayed right around the same weight since then. Maybe it has something to do with her change in diet - less breast milk, lots more table food. But doctor says she's healthy :).