Thursday, September 17, 2009

10 month picture page

I'll post a narrative later about Chaselyn's 10 month old developments, but for now, here's some pictures from the past month. The ones in the green dress with flowers are from her first day in the Babies II class. When they start crawling around, they get moved up.

Mommy and Daddy each take a photo-op before we leave.

Her new big girl carseat, happy because she's playing with Daddy's keys.

On the Bye-Bye buggy ready to be picked up.

Having fun with Mommy!

College football back in season! Wooooooo Pig Sooiee!!!

Playing around.

Taken this morning before school, she wasn't really wanting a photo shoot, she mainly wanted to eat the camera.


  1. where in the world did you find that baby pirate shirt. i think yall would be the only couple in the world to buy that shirt, haha

  2. It was actually one of the first items we bought for baby, before we knew the gender. Regardless of the gender, we figured a pirate baby was cute. We actually got a set that has 2 onesies and matching pants from Sam's last summer.