Thursday, August 6, 2009


Maybe it is way different than it used to be. I give you two prime examples of what our kids may have to deal with that we didn't.

Controversial Doll Lets Little Girls Pretend to Breast-Feed

California city shuts down girl's lemonade stand

Awesome! Now, obviously I'm in full support of breast-feeding, but really do 7 year-old girls need to practice? Let's keep adult issues in adult contexts. Thanks

And the poor girl just wanted to go to Disneyland (which she will get to now thanks to the publicity). My cousins and I used to try to do anything to earn a quarter. We did lemonade stands, we would put on shows and charge admission (grandparents and parents made a great audience). Now this girl was trying to get $2 a cup. Oh I'm old.

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