Tuesday, August 18, 2009

9 months old

Our little angel is growing up fast. She's hit a couple of big milestones just in the last month. Despite my predictions, she started crawling on all fours (with her belly off the floor). Now she's even better at pulling up on things. Chaselyn's favorite toys are car keys and a Wii-mote. Not any of the wonderful baby toys we have for her or the countless number of stuffed animals, it's the big people toys that she likes the best. This has been somewhat of a headache for Mommy, but Daddy likes them because she'll sit still with him if she has one of her favorite toys. The Wii-mote is fine, it has a nice rubber grip thing around it, so as long as she chews on that, it's fine. But the car keys just don't seem like the best toy for a baby. I tried to find some of those little plastic keys like we had when we were little, but you can't find them anywhere. I found something they called play keys at target, but they aren't key shaped, they're round with key shapes indented on them. Chaselyn was not fooled. But other than the occasional breakdown from having the keys taken away, she's doing great.

We went to the doctor yesterday, and she's 21 lbs, and 27.75 inches long. Her head size is still off the charts, but take a look at her dad, and that's no surprise. You might notice a slight orangish tint to her nose, that's because she still loves her carrots, squash, and sweet potatoes. This month she started on 3rd foods. A success except for the spaghetti and meat sauce. She also got her first taste of fruits...bananas for breakfast, yum.

She also got a treat and started on some big people food for her 9 month birthday. She got some ham pieces and some peas. She did really good with picking up the little pieces and chewing. And she broke in her new high chair.
One of the most amazing new developments is in her language skills. She's getting good at "Momma" and "Ba-bye". Her timing isn't quite there yet, but it's coming. And with he "Ba-bye" there's usually a flap with her right arm. She's also working on the "Ga" sound.

We had some great adventures this past month too. Uncle Josh, Aunt Heather, and cousins Matthew and Madison came for a visit. We went to a family reunion on Mount Magazine where Chaselyn met lots of new people and caught up with some she had met before. We even hiked up to the highest point between the Rockies and the Appalachian mountains. On another visit to Arkansas, we went to the Grape Festival in Tontitown and rode the a carousel for the first time.


You are growing up so fast! Everyday you do something new and amazing. You give good hugs and kisses, which melt your Daddy's heart every time, and Mommy just can't get enough. We love to see your personality develop as we watch you interact with other kids. It seems that you may be kind of a bully like your Mommy was when she was little. You're always going for the toys that someone else has. And, you're not afraid to pull some hair or ears or whatever else you can get a hold of to get it. Other than that, you have the sweetest disposition. You are very happy and usually pretty content playing by yourself. You sing little songs and talk to your toys as you play and discover. When you get tired of your toys, you cruise around the living room looking to get a taste of any electronic gadget that we've left within your reach.

More than anything, your Daddy and Mommy want you to know how much you are loved. We are constantly amazed at the deep love that we have for you even though in reality we've only known you for a short time. And we're not the only ones. Your fan base stretches for many miles and several states. Of course your grandparents are thrilled to see you grow and your Aunts and Uncles are too. And at the family reunion, you were the hit of the show. Closer to home, there is an awesome group of people who look after you and are a great support network for the three of us.

You are amazing, and never let anyone tell you any different.


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  1. Oh Brandi! I have tears in my eyes! What a precious post!!