Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Night time routine

We are finally starting to find some normalcy with our evening routine, at least on weekdays. Up until a few weeks ago, it just seemed too demanding to put Chaselyn on a strict schedule. And any one who knows me knows that it's probably even harder to put me on a strict schedule. And by no means are we planning down to the minute. But, we do have a general idea of how things go in our house in the evenings.

5:00 - pick Chaselyn up from daycare

We usually call dibs on who gets to walk in first and get the first smile.

Ready to go home :)

5:00-6:00 - get home for play time or nap time, Chaselyn's choice
In the back seat. She looks extremely big in this pic.
Playing with dad in the backseat while mommy drives home.
Today she chose nap.

6:00-6:45 - Bowl of cereal (rice or oatmeal) and some veggies for dinner Carrots and rice tonight - Carrots and sweet peas were a hit. Green beans were ok, but not great.
What a good eater :0

7:00-8:00 - play time (occasionally nap time)

She loves the exersaucer!

Playing with the farm toy with daddy.
Sitting and playing all by herself :)

8:30 - Bathtime followed by a kids book with pictures
Yep, it's a RazorDuck.

How fun!
Too sweet! I love the way she looks when she gets out of the bath.
Moo! Baa! La la la!

9:00 - Bedtime meal and a chapter from a kid friendly non-picture book (we started with The Chronicles of Narnia series since I have never read them)
Night, night sweet angel!
And she's gone.

Since we've gotten more scheduled, Chaselyn has too. She now regularly sleeps soundly from 9:30-4:30. Then she gets some milk and goes back asleep until about 6:30. At this time, she generally gets to come and snuggle with mommy in bed until Stanton makes us get up. Sometimes its only 15 minutes and sometimes it's closer to an hour, but it's probably the favorite part of my day.

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  1. does her car seat plop right into a swing? too cool