Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New experiences

Well, since we chatted last, I've had several new experiences. I've gone through 2 radiation treatments, a round of chemotherapy pills, I got a new fancy phone with a data plan and everything, and I am blogging from my very own IPad. Fancy, I know. :)

So let's start with the radiation. Essentially, I get my head locked to a table, by a mask that squishes my face so hard it leaves red marks for about 10 minutes after the treatment. Otherwise, the radiation is painless. Once locked in, I hold my cross that my family got me to hold, I close my eyes and try to pray. Try is a key word, because they have music playing in the room and I am easily distracted. I make three passes in the machine. The different arcs target the tumor from different angles. It only takes about 10 minutes start to finish. Which is good, because again the mask really squishes my face. I think that the radiation beams make my head feel hot, but it may just be my imaginatïon.

I am taking a pill form of chemotherapy called Temodar. I took 130mg last night and will take that amount every night at bedtime. I take an anti-nausea pill about 30 minutes before hand and it didn't seem to affect me at all on day one. Aside from nausea Temodar has been known to cause hairless in about 69% of patients. This is a little concerning to me. I am not a person obsessed with my appearance, but I don't want to appear sick. I know I'll adapt if I have to, but I'd rather just be part of the 31%. The other big side effect is fatigue. It will be hard to tell if the chemotherapy is causing it or if I am still a little tired from essentially not moving for weeks.

On that note, I am getting a PT and OT twice a week each for a few weeks. I am a little skeptical of the OT, because unlike a stroke victim, my muscles don't need to be taught how to do things again, I just need the strength back. But, I'll gladly take any and all help. With my moms around to do EVERYTHING for the kids and the house and Stanton doing everything for me, I don't get out of the recliner nearly enough. I need the PT to get me up and make me move.

Now, the fun stuff. My invasion of technology! I truly have joined the 'it' crowd with my new fancy tools. I just hope I can learn to appropriately use them to the fullest. It was the doing of some key people who love me dearly to make sure that no matter my physical condition, if I only had my left side to operate they wanted to be sure I could keep writing and get my thoughts out there. And for that I am truly grateful. Lucky for me, I can currently type with two hands and really enjoy my new toys. I was going to post a picture, so you could see the new me. But I can't get blogger to recognize the pic I took with my iPad. I'll learn soon.

Thanks for listening! And feel free to ask questions.


  1. Thanks for the update, Brandi! So glad you have some fancy new toys with which to process all of your experiences and share them with us!

  2. an iPad, awesome! I'll pray your in the 31%. We know there are more important things than hair but it would be nice to not lose it!

  3. I say this with the utmost sincerity... If you lose your hair, I'll give you mine.


  4. SkypeSkypeSkype!

    I'm getting lonely... and, apparently, a little rowdy.