Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cute Dress

Ok, so the last post started out with the same purpose that I'm starting this post, but my love of football carried me away. Last week we made it out to the Baylor game. And as any good fan should, our family was gearing up for the big event. There was only one problem...Chaselyn had no Baylor gear. We made do last week with a plain green onesie and a white skirt, but not the level of support we generally like to show for our team. So, I got a plan. I would fashion Chaselyn a dress out of one of the cheap gold rush t-shirts. In the past these shirts were only $5 add some thread and maybe some ribbon and for about $7-8 Chaselyn would be ready for the next game.

So a project began.

Materials: one size youth Med. Gold rush shirt ($7, they upped the price), one roll of "I heart FOOTBALL" ribbon ($1), gold thread (free from the same place I got the free sewing machine, Thanks Debbie!), one strip of rough cut white t-shirt.

The before shots:

And the after:
Isn't it cute.
See where the t-shirt strip comes in. :) I found it on this blog. She has lots of re-purposing ideas for old clothes and such.
One satisfied customer! :)


  1. You are aMAZing! You have ...almost... inspired me to attempt something crafty. :)

  2. This is so adorable! You could make more of them and have your own Etsy page. ;)

  3. Seriously, check out the girls blog where I got the flower idea. She is a crafty inspiration. I'm just a copy cat. Still I'm very proud of myself. I'm trying to think of another easy project I can try.

  4. The dress is adorable. You did a great job!