Thursday, August 19, 2010

My wonderful little girl

So, I've stopped doing monthly updates on Chaselyn. And the reason is that I'm just trying to keep up with her in the real world, I don't seem to have the time to keep up with her in blogland. But, I hope you all have been able to see the wonderful little tot that she is becoming. She's really hit the point where her vocabulary is growing on an hourly basis. Which means we have to be careful about everything that goes into her little ears. For example, we spent this week at home with my parents. My parents have 4 dogs who bark... a lot. So my dad (aka Papa) says "HUSH!!" to which Chaselyn immediately copies "Hush Puppies!!" Now this in itself is hilarious, so we laugh, which only encourages her to now yell "Hush!" at random points throughout the day. She only told Mommy to hush one time. It's usually "Hush Puppies!" even if there are no puppies around.

She asks to wear dresses and will comment on whether they are cute or pretty. She still wears any shoes that she can find. But shows a definite preference for sparkly ones. This week she has been Papa's little farmer. Feeding the fish, dogs and horses is such a treat. And she'll even ask to "ish food" and "Nay Nay food" which can easily be interpreted as feed the fish and feed the horses.

On occasion we can catch her rambling in her crib or talking with her toys. And right now these seemingly non-sensical babbling sessions are our favorites. She's saying things with such intent, we know she thinks she's saying something, but we're not in on the translations. And that's ok. This week she has really developed her ability to convey things to us. She'll say a word, I'll say back what I think she's trying to say and then with the sweetest voice, she'll say "no" as if I'm silly for even thinking that's what she was trying to say. Usually we can both stick with this game long enough until Mommy figures out what Chaselyn is trying to say.

Funnest new words:
Crazy - sounds like "Say-zy" sometimes followed by her head swinging wildly about and making silly noises
Family names - Has attempted everyone except CrawDad (she just giggles). Some other fun ones
Granny - "Gwenny"
Kimberly -"Mimerly" (only heard this one a couple times)
Heather - "He-er"
Football - "Feetball"
I love you - "I ldl you" can also be followed by a persons name :)
I got you - "Idotchu"
Silly -"Si-ey"
Time Out - "Mime out" If she is in trouble at all she suggests that she asks "mime out?" I only really send her to time out for hitting and not listening.
Big - "Beeeeeeeeg!"
Pig - "Peeeeeeeeg!"
Read -"Read"
Horses - Nay Nays

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