Monday, August 9, 2010

I've got some questions for you.

1) Does everyone in TX refer to pacifiers as "Binky's"?

I have heard them referenced as such before, so it's not like I didn't know what you all have been talking about. But, it seems that every Texan who has referenced that wonderful little first toy for my baby they call it a Binky. We refer to it as a "paci" or as Chaselyn says "pashi".

2) Would a red kitchen be overwhelming?

I've got the redecorating bug. Actually I've just got the decorating bug. REdecorating would imply that it had been done before. We love red as all of you know. And I'm sick of all these beige walls.
Above is a picture of our living room not too long after we moved in. (You can see Chaselyn's little feet in the swing in the foreground. The same swing Jacob's in now.) We have a little more color with a green recliner on the far side of the couch. So the red would come in off to the left by that window. I think from here, the red wouldn't be too much.
Now, a closer look reveals where the impact would actually be. It's primarily that wall where the cabinets end. Don't worry, we've removed the gold curtains. If you look, the curtains are in a little inset in the wall. We are thinking of painting that inset a yellow. Beyond that wall, there won't be too much more red in the kitchen area. We have a lot of cabinet space.
Looking back into the kitchen from the table, only above the cabinets and a thin little bit coming down on the wall beside the cabinets on the left of this picture. In between the upper cabinets and the countertops there is a white backsplash.

So, what do you think?

BTW, my dream kitchen has a 50's diner style, with black and white tile and red and chrome appliances.

3) Still on the decorating, what about an accent wall behind my fireplace?

I'm hoping that if we the red in the kitchen that will be enough of a power pop that I won't feel the need to paint a wall in the living room. It's not that I'm worried about doing the work, its the color. The brick on our house and our fireplace is a pinkish color. I have no idea what color I would even try. So far the only thing I've come up with is a deep brown. But that seems like it will automatically shrink the space. And our space gets smaller by the day with the toys and accessories for 2 kids.

4) Do you take good pictures? And if you do how do you do it?

I would love to learn how to capture the moments of our lives with more expertise. If you are a photographer, can you give me one tip on something that will make my pictures better?

5) Do you love football?

I do. I can't wait to watch football this season. But at the same time I know this season will be like nothing I've experienced before. I'll have a 2 year old and a 6 month old by the time the season is over. And while Chaselyn is getting our hopes up by yelling things like "Hooray feetball" over the monitor when she woke up this morning after watching the pre-season NFL game last night. I know it will be difficult to keep up with any game while trying to keep the 2 little ones happy.

I guess that's enough. Tell me what you think!


  1. 1) As a mother I called it a pacifier, Sean doesn't use one so it's not everyday language
    2) My mom has a red kitchen and it's not my favorite, but that's just me! Her cabinets are like white washed oak and semi dark granite counter tops. I thought it looked to contrasting in her kitchen. I always use Google images or poke around HGTV's site for ideas. Under the kitchen tab it even say's "kitchen color."
    When we painted our living room a slightly darker tanish color it made a big difference from the builder’s beige. I think a lighter brown would definitely be ok in the LR.
    4) a few photo tips I've picked up in blogland are as follows:
    - make interesting angles
    - divide your picture in thirds. Looking at your professional fam pics I can see she did that a few times. Putting the subject not exactly in the center, but off to the side.
    - Natural light is better than flash
    Well I obviously haven't learned too many tips and that's why I’m lost on photography too. I want to take a class at MCC!
    5) not so much a fan of football... :/ you know my college history and our low spirit on football, haha. Maybe get a babysitter during some of the good, exciting games, maybe ask your friends that only have one child to take your children! oh wait that's us! Seriously tho, if we can handle Holly, what's two more kids! hahaha but seriously we'd love to watch your kiddos come this fall. Let’s not forget I said this and make it happen!

  2. loook...

    you can use numbers in your picture taking!

  3. Um, August was a little buys for my family and I'm a little behind on blogs. I've seen several red kitchens and LOVE them! We're wanting to do our dinning room half red. (The bottom half.) Here's my tips as far as red goes:
    1. Either hire a professional or spring for the more expensive paint AND the primer. Red can be hard to evenly coat.
    2. We have friends up here who have a red kitchen and the ceiling and windowsills are yellow. It looks a little like McDonalds. Their whole house is a little freaky, but the red and yellow really makes you crave some burger and fries!!
    3. Pay for a babysitter. Chaselyn and red paint will not mix. :)
    4. Lowes sells little sample sizes of almost every color. If you're wondering about a color, buy a sample. I vote for a brown behind the fireplace.

    And, like Christi, I say check out The Pioneer Woman website. She's my favorite. I love her!