Thursday, April 15, 2010

Help Blogland!

I'm about to have two adorable little kiddos, and I want them to love one another immensely, or at least appear that they do. So, I'm looking for big sister/ little brother shirts and I need your help.

First, which sounds better?

1. "Chaselyn's Little Brother" and "Jacob's Big Sister"
2. "Chaselyn's Lil Bro" and "Jacob's Big Sis"
3. "Little Brother Jacob" and "Big Sister Chaselyn"
4. "Lil Bro Jacob" and "Big Sis Chaselyn"

Admittedly, I prefer 1 and 3, but Jacob will have a tiny little belly, so I'm not sure if all the letters would fit.

Next, a design:

A) First, we have monkeys: Use the same pic for both shirts and it can be personalized with any of the wording listed above.

B) Pirates – Aargh! With names around. I don’t know if I could fit in “Big Sis” or “Lil Bro”

3) Pick matching colors and font and wording from above

4) Use the layout/ wording like the one on the top, color scheme from the bottom

5) Obviously not both brothers, find gender neutral fabric for letters

So there you have it. I need your help. If you know of any other cute options, I'm very interested, these pics are all from various shops on Etsy.

Also, I have one other question what does a less than one month old boy wear to his uncle's wedding? Since Stanton and I are both in the wedding party, I'm looking at a great photo op for essentially newborn family photo. Chaselyn is covered. I have dresses for her out the wazoo, but Jacob is tougher. I don't want to go with a full on baby tux, but I want something that won't look too out of place with Stanton's tux and my bridesmaid dress. Right now, we have a plaid shirt with sweater vest and shorts that have shades of blue and a red accent line. My dress will be purple, Stanton will have a black tux. And depending on the shade of my dress Chaselyn will be wearing either purple or red or white. Is the following too casual? And if I did go with something like this, what kind of bottoms should Jacob have on.
I think it's adorable. And I could get other colors maybe to better match the rest of the family, but still not sure if it captures the dressy level I'm looking for.

So comment away, I need your help!


  1. Check this site out, I love their personalized stuff:

    There are others with links that can be found here:

    They'll be cute, regardless!


  2. If you're looking for little onesies with the ties for a good price, let me know. One of my Pi Phi sisters makes them and sells them on etsy!

  3. For dressier little boys clothes, smocked or little pintuck onesies look really nice.

    The Dillard's in town has some dressier boys stuff. Kinda' like this.[0]=tags&includes[1]=title

    Hope that helps!

  4. i like "Little Brother Jacob", "Little Sister Chaselyn"
    I got Seans tie onesie here...

    I love monkeys! and we know yall like pirates! they're both cute