Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sure, why not?

These words seem innocent enough, but twelve years ago they changed my life. I used those words to respond to Stanton when he asked me to "go out" when we were in 9th grade. I mean really who thinks that the person you "date" in 9th grade will end up being your husband?! Dating in 9th grade isn't really even dating. It's writing each other love notes during class. It's holding hands in the hallway. It's staying on the phone for hours at night. Also, there was very little "going out" seeing as how neither of us could drive yet. But thats how our love story started, February 28th, 1997 in the phone booth area in Chili's. We've been together ever since. Our first big relationship conversation came when we had to go to different high schools. I was heart-broken when we had been dating for several months and now I had to go to school with out him. I cried and cried. I now realize that the situation was such a blessing. I just know that if we would have been at the same school I would have had one of those stupid high school girl moments and ruined everything. We stayed together through it all. In college, we contemplated taking a break just for the experience of dating other people. We quickly realized that we didn't want to be with other people. And here we are 12 years later, married for 5 and a half years, with a baby. I can't even begin to tell all the amazing times we've had together. And fortunately the tense times have been few and far between. We constantly thank God for bringing us together and keeping us together for so long. We are quick to recognize that we are probably the only people who can put up with us for this long :) Anyone else would have run out on my crazy weirdness a long time ago. SO thats what I've been thinking about today. What a journey we've had and what more may come. Whatever the future holds, I know that we can handle it. And I've already made Stanton make the promise that I go first. On that somewhat morbid note, I say goodnight and leave you with a picture, my two monkeys.

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  1. What a cute picture. I didn't know that you two were high school sweethearts.