Sunday, June 24, 2012

Keep Austin Weird

Several months ago, Stanton asked me if I would like to a very special symphony with him. I asked him what the catch was. He's never shown any interest in going to the symphony before, so why now? What was so special about this symphony? When he told me, I couldn't believe it. The symphony called "Symphony of the Goddesses" and it was the music from the Zelda game series. Now I will admit my primary motivation to agreeing to go was to spend a whole 30 hours without worrying about the kids, but I actually did enjoy the symphony as well.

It was probably because as I watched the various scenes from the Zelda games during the playing of the music, I was reminded of how Stanton and I had bonded over the more recent productions. See, Stanton and I have a system that works for us, he does the actual playing of the game and I get the guide book and tell him where to go and what to do if he gets stuck. And then I realized, once again, that he was just the right amount of nerdy for me. (Not nerdy enough to want to dress up as a character, but nerdy enough to thoroughly enjoy the show.)

After the symphony, it was decision time. We were set to not pay any attention to the College World Series game that the Razorbacks were playing in. We had it recording at home and were set to watch it the next day (Saturday). But as we were heading to the car Stanton sighed and said "I'm really wondering how the Hogs are doing in the game." (I knew that I loved this man.) to which I replied "me too!" So Stanton whipped out his phone and checked the score we were tied in the bottom of the sixth. Stanton quickly looked up a sports bar on his phone. He said there was a Hooters nearby and I had recalled seeing it on the way in. So when we got back to the car, we had our heading. So there we were all dressed up and going to Hooters for the first time. The hogs ended up losing the game because of an inconsistent ump behind the plate. And we were not at all impressed by the Hooters atmosphere. It was a really sad building, there were crickets all over (I understand that the crickets are just a part of summers in Texas, but they had them inside and out.), and though I knew about the dress (or lack thereof) of the waitresses I was still a bit put off by seeing the butt cheeks of the young ladies serving us. But, Stanton thought the wings were good, so it wasn't a total loss.

The next day (Saturday, June 23rd), Stanton and I were not awakened by kids. We were able to just wake up on our own. It was fantastic. We decided to go somewhere fun for lunch, we settled on "mellow mushroom". Sure it's a chain, but it is a chain that we had never been to. We thoroughly enjoyed the meal complete with delicious pretzel appetizers, an adventurous potato pizza, and live music. On the way back we stopped by the outlets in Round Rock. We went into 3 stores- Disney store, a toy store, and (I feel dirty for even admitting I was in there) a Texas store. I went into the Texas store because I was trying to find something special for a very special little girl. We found good deals in the first 2 stores but I didn't find anything in the store that from here on shall not be mentioned.

When we returned home we were rested and ready to see the kids and get back to life as usual, but still kind of ready to run away together again.


  1. Hahahaha! I love you two so much! This sounds like an uber fun weekend away, and I *LOVE* that you're thinking about the next time you two get to "run away together". Hopefully you'll come to Indy as a whole family again soon and we can babysit Cake and JB while you and Stanton go to Symphony on the Prairie on their video game night. They do one every year in August and choose a different theme/arrangement. It's nice to do something outdoors in August without melting...

  2. Whoa! You look beautiful! And Stanton looks... beard-y!

  3. Whoa! You look beautiful! And Stanton looks... beard-y!
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