Thursday, April 12, 2012


On Tuesday the 10th I admitted to Stanton that I was experiencing slight weakness in the right side. I wasn't worried about it since it was even low grade enough that he didn't notice. I just figured it was residual from Fridays trip to the ER (they called me and told me that my platelets were low and said I would need a transfusion if it were true. This caused a stress induced reaction where I experienced more right side weakness than I have had in a long time. The weakness quickly went away on Friday. And my platelets turned out to be fine.) . Stanton was visibly worried about the revelation of my rigth sidie weakness, no matter how much i tried to minimize it. So on wednesday I was already trying to get in contact with my doctors, to talk with them about what was going on. I finally got a call back at 6:17. They said that it didn't seem like I had already had a seizure, but I should watch out. I got off the phone with the doctor, called Stanton and told him what they had said. My phone says that call lasted until 6:30. I was still not worried, I was sure that it was nothing. I started feeling a little weak, so I sat down on the couch not to much later, my leg started shaking, then cramping, then my arm,within seconds I was having a full blown (focal) seizure. My whole right side was flailing out of control. The scariest part - I was at home alone with the kids. I called for Chaselyn to come into the living room, the kids were both back in Jacobs room. Both of them came in while I was seizing. They thought I was playing the horsey game and promptly started climbing on me. I tried to get Chaselyn to get my phone for me. I told her it was on the counter in the kitchen. Remember I was still seizing so it took all I had to get the words out and they weren't coming out very good. She went and looked, but said she couldn't find it. Then she said "I got it momma." And showed me a play phone. I told her that I wasn't playing and that I really needed my phone. After she looked again, she said she still couldn't find it. So , I told her that it was ok. But i needed her to go over to the neighbors house and get help. I told her to go outside and see if the boys next door were playing. If they were tell them that mommy needs help. If not, knock on the door. I knew it was a lot to ask, but while seizing I couldn't think of anything else. The sweet little girl said ok I'll go get my shoes, she already had shoes. I pleaded with her that she needed to go now. Then she told me that she couldn't go outside without a grown up. By this time I was starting to regain composure. I told her that just this one time she could go. She went over to the door but then came running back to the couch. I told her that it was ok to be scared, but I really needed her to go over to the neighbors house. She was slowly walking toward the door again. By this time I had stopped seizing. And had regained composure. I was sure that I could now hobble over to the counter and get my phone. I told Chaselyn she didn't have to go. She immediately seemed relieved. I got to my phone, called Stanton back at 6:51. I estimate that the actual seizure lasted less than 5 minutes, but it seemed like an eternity. Stanton was only a couple minutes away. He called Michael and told him to get someone over to our house to watch the kids ASAP. Within minutes Stanton was home and we had 4 people at our house to watch the kids and pitch in to help. It took a while to figure out what we were supposed to do. The on call oncologist said that we needed to drive to the ER in Dallas. Then we were waiting to hear back from my neurologist to see if it was necessary to drive to Dallas. So when everything was all said and done, we were headed to the ER about an hour after my seizure. Stanton was very anxious and we actually got pulled over for speeding. (Stanton's first time getting pulled over ever.) the nice police lady let us go with a warning. Stanton was more bothered by the amount of time it was taking. When we finally got to the emergency room, we started the waiting game. Fortunately, they put me in a special waiting area away from the sick people. (apparently there is a vicious stomach bug going around Waco.) We sat in there for about 2.5 hours. We had good company though. When they moved me into a room, it was about 10:00 I think. I finally got the CT scan at 11:45. Doctor said there wasn't any bleeding or clotting. And the consensus was that it was probably scar tissue from the shrinking tumor that caused this episode. We were home around 2am. They prescribed some anti-seizure medication called Kappera and I should be talking more with my doctors in Dallas today. So that's my story. Like I said the scariest part was having the kids there while I was seizing. But based on their reactions, I don't think they knew anything was wrong, they thought I was just being silly. Which I am so thankful for. I am praising Jesus today for his healing touch, for his unwavering steadfast love, for constantly holding me in his hand, and for giving me the support network that I have.


  1. Praise the Lord it's nothing more than scar tissue! Praise the Lord the kids thought you were being silly! Praise the Lord you could get help fast! Praise the Lord you're feeling better now!
    I'm praying for more time to praise and rejoice!

  2. Beautiful family photo. Glad to hear it was just scar tissue. Continually praying for you all, Sarah.