Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So as I was leaving my afternoon class yesterday, I realized that my outfit pretty much sums up how I dress and my general feelings about appearances.

The plan: blue/gray/white striped button up shirt, casual black skirt, flat black shoes, some make-up, fixed hair.

The result: Check on the shirt, but untucked and rolled up sleeves, with jeans because I forgot to shave last night. And yes, the shirt was actually ironed. My dear husband did it for me while I was attending our son at 11pm last night. At one point I did have some lip gloss on, but that was long gone by 3:30 in the afternoon when I took the pic. My go to clunky Birkenstock sandals. They aren't cute, I know, but they are comfy and they are sandals. I love comfy and I can't stand for my feet to be hot. My hair combed, but not really styled in any way, because right after my shower, Jacob woke up and didn't go back down for quite a while. Also notice the backpack. I'm always carrying a backpack. If I'm on my way to school, its the red one you see here, if it's anywhere else, it's a black messenger style diaper bag. Also, the glasses, I wear contacts when I think about it and have time. Those two don't coincide very often. You may notice the ring on my left hand. An amazing symbol of love from my husband, to which I seriously considered leaving in a box because who wears a beautiful diamond like that while wearing jeans and t-shirts every day. This girl, that's who. A cross necklace around my neck given to me as a gift when our first born came into the world. Chaselyn has one just like it too. A fake smile because I don't really like the focus to be on me. Unpainted toe nails, because I haven't painted them since my brother's wedding last May. Frameless pictures on the wall, because if I waited to frame them, I would never get any put up. A mess on the floor, because I am the product of my advisor.

And that's me. That's pretty much the summation of how I appear to the outside world. And honestly I'm ok with that. I've never really cared about the opinions of others, especially strangers. And as it turns out when you are the teacher, the students pretty much have to pay attention whether you look perfectly put together or if you show up in you jammies.

I would like to lose a few pounds and be generally more healthy, and I would love to look nicer for my husband and my children. But I get so much more joy by spending time loving on my kids and doing things that actually affect them. Somedays I make an effort, and I generally start with the intent of being more put together. And then life happens. And I love it!


  1. I have to make a conscience effort to put on real clothes, as opposed to sleep pants and a T. And make time to dry and straighten my hair. It's odd, now that i'm at home I'm actually wearing real clothes more often than I was working. Maybe now that I'm feeling better, pregnancy wise, I don't mind taking the time to get ready. Also, I was afraid I'd slump into laziness if I constantly wore sleep pants and a T while at home. So i've tried to dress like I'm going out everyday. It's amazing how clothes can give me energy to do things. A few blogs I read document their weekly outfits as accountability so they'll wear clothes other than sweatpants and Ts. Anyway, I too would like to look nicer for husband, but I think they understand we're busy women and love us anyway, so that's good! Please blog the day you wear jammies to class, haha

  2. I love this post. Very real. Very Brandi. And very, very perfect. :)