Sunday, January 2, 2011


Stanton here to tell you about our 8 month old little guy.

He started out the month completely crazy, which is how he has spent the majority of his awake time. Just look at that mad look in his eyes.

This month he had his first Christmas season which means pictures in front of his first Christmas tree. He enjoyed it most when he wasn't being smished by his sister.

He enjoyed mommy's birthday and a special visit from friends.

He saw Christmas lights and his very first Razorback basketball game.

He had his first Christmas and visit from Santa at the same time he was showing off his new floor skills.

And, he finally joined Mommy's Tigger collection.

Jacob has ended his eighth month crazy happy. Brandi seems to have solved the great mystery of why he was constantly fussy and overly needy. The culprit? Sweet potatoes. There is still some experimentation left, but he is an amazingly happy little boy now. Now he has time to play in his seats and on the floor with his toys, and in the last two days seems to be catching up on his previously missed learning time. It's very exciting and I'm very happy for him to be feeling better.

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  1. Happy 8 months to Jacob! I love when you Tiggerize your kids!